Day #4: Parenting tips for UX

Day #4: Parenting tips for UX

In the video I mentioned yesterday I mentioned MOSCOW today I’m bringing up another principle learned from this old but valuable video. The video talks about the steps below as parenting skills for UX, which stood out for me so much for a well-designed experience

Time mentioned: 29:51

  • Guide your user
    • Don’t get in the way
    • Don’t leave them hanging
  • Don’t confuse them
    • Don’t frustrate them
    • Don’t make them feel stupid
      • A book mentioned that I will be taking a look at: “Don’t make me think” by Steve Krug
    • Give Feedback
      • Users need feedback on their actions
    • Set them up for success
      • This partially ties in with Day#1’s article about how elderly people are so worried about breaking a device when using it for the first time
      • In creating a user experience you don’t want this to ever be an option for the user, the user should have control over their experience but proper measures should be taken to ensure they are not going to end up doing something wrong and deleting valuable information etc. without meaning to.
    • Be human
      • Remember the experience is meant to be humans interacting through tech, what I take from this is people still want to form a connection and trust with the brand so you can create this feeling by making it a personal experience

Chat more about UX next time

Bye for now!

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