Day #5: What is UX

Day #5: What is UX

The below is also from the springboard course I mention from Day #3 however for some reason the first video wasn’t working the first time round so I went on to the second video, now when I went back it seems to be working. Luckily they both don’t seem to closely related so I wasn’t lost when watching the second video first. Below is what I picked up from this video in relation to defining, what is UX


Time mentioned: 2:51

  • You are already working on or know some of these practises already
    • When you understand how you do what you do, you will become better at it
  • User centred design is a process
    • This is done by collecting data in a very logical scientific manner and concluding with patterns that are recognized
  • It’s not that hard
    • This is something subjective to me personally, and depends on the facet of the content. In reality I am starting to understand the amount of research that goes in a position with UX functions and I absolutely love that notion because research knowledge is something that can be obtained through effort and identifying key points that need to be assessed.
  • Challenging
    • This was one of the more abstract points related to characteristics of the job being mentioned rather than a point of the process. The video presenter was referring to jobs having a lower barrier entry and maybe that was the case years ago or perhaps in different locations, however the jobs specs in my side of the world seem rather specific and difficult to get into

This video was much shorter into comparison but I think it serves as a quick introduction to the concept of user experience as a career. I want to at some point look at how UX is split into different categories for example more research focused, or more design focused and what the resources, tools, and processes that are implemented for each facet

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