Day #8: 4 tips to grow as a designer

Day #8: 4 tips to grow as a designer


As always I generally mention what stands out for me, check out the full video on all content that was presented

  • Be clear about what you do
    • If you want to specialize or already do then say so
  • Balance for work and home life
    • I like that Chris mentioned that when you are happy with your day job financially you raise your rates for freelance because that is what I have been doing for a while now already, it just seemed natural for me because I valued my time more.

I have generally up until now had a very broad portfolio, with work from all different facets of design displayed. I am now in a position where I do a bit of everything and it really does make sense why I got the job, because they saw in my portfolio that I am versatile can do a variety of different forms of design. However moving forward my goal is to get into UX so I want to start focusing all content, courses I do, etc. on achieving that goal. My CV and portfolio is going to be very specialized, will be doing research into CV’s and portfolios of UX in the near future as well. Looking forward to sharing more knowledge on UX and design next time!

Bye for now!

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