Day #9: UI/UX design process, part 1

Day #9: UI/UX design process, part 1

Hi everyone! So this is another YouTube video I found on the process for UX designers, I decided to research into this as I have noticed a few people indicate they get asked this in interviews and not have the best answer but also not sure how to answer best. Irrespective of the project there will always be a baseline structure for your UX process, I really loved the way Design gal broke this down so that it’s clear and concise steps to take which help when a project is really huge and difficult to decide where to start…

Understand the problem

-Meet with clients/stakeholders

-Understand business goals

-Questionnaires & surveys with clients

-What is the client trying to solve by developing this project



-Learn about the problem

-Users that will be involved

-Sit down and talk with users, in an informal interview/survey

-Observe in natural environment

-Understand where the user is coming from to empathize and decide on something to best suit their needs

-What does the user care about

-What will work for them


The above details relate to… THE USER PERSONA

-What the user is like and what they are looking for

-Note there may be more than one persona




Analyse the data

-If you saw recurring topics mentioned by users as well as various stakeholders in the business then try match both to formulate a concept

-Make sure that the user can find what they are looking for

-Once you have the above you can move onto workflow

-This is assessing the users flow to get from point A to point B

-How that flow will work when you have different personas, business models etc.

-For example with my own project we have two paths the user can take and from those two paths it can be further diluted into 2 separate paths


I broke this up into two posts because I found the content to be very informative, I often see people in the working environment who struggle with creating a process. I myself struggled with it for many years, losing one of my first jobs in the design industry because of it. I think it comes down to identifying it as a problem and then working on ways to change your habits. I’m thinking about doing a post in the near future on my personal work flow and the way we are looking at our current business in relation to the work flow we are taking. For now though I must go my stomach is crying out for some food, so until tomorrow my fellow Uxers

Bye for now!

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