Day #13: Mobile app design course

Day #13: Mobile app design course

Day #13

Mobile app design course

Hi everyone!

Course Title: Mobile App Design; From Sketches to Interactive Prototypes (found on Udemy)

So this post is on a Udemy course that I did recently, it starts with the process of drawing wire-frames to working with a prototype. I would say something I struggled with when doing wire-frames was trying to get them perfect, something I have learned is that it’s not about getting the lines perfectly straight or worrying about color palettes etc. it’s about the layout and placement of certain features. There after it’s about conceptualizing as many different scenarios that the various components can be placed in and worrying about alignment and colors can somewhat slow down the creative process.

I would say the most informative part of this course was all the resources mentioned for wire framing and testing of prototypes, I was so surprised by the functionality that some of these tools have. I think I’m going to look into a few of these and possibly even see if I can get a one month subscription to try some of them out. The features include basic animations of slide in and out of screens and linking of screens using hot points to create pseudo buttons. In my own business when we were doing wire-frames it quickly became evident then it was a lot more than simply coming up with the wire-frames, I had to imagine clicking on a theoretical button and how would the next screen look. The resources mentioned make that process much easier by giving wire-frames a realistic flow.

As a diehard adobe fan, I was impressed with the ease at which some of the programs integrate with completely different tools, see below.



Plug in’s that work with Sketch

I’m going to try Invision and marvel first, also the agency that is working with us in my day job has a designer that is using Invision and its great from the clients perspective because we get to comment on their work, from the actual working file. So will do a post specifically on Invision in the near future.

Bye for now!

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