Day #16 Basic primer on User Experience: Design that is focused on user goals (part 2)

Day #16 Basic primer on User Experience: Design that is focused on user goals (part 2)

Hi guys!

This is the second part of the same article I was reading through yesterday and I felt so strongly about everything mentioned, to digress a little. I wanted to order food online through a delivery app, firstly half of them don’t have a section where I can put in my own comment about the item I want to order. This for me is frustrating with my rare dietary requirements but it will also be frustrating for someone with an allergy. They clearly did not put themselves in the perspective of different types of users. I think also something that would be needed for a project like this would be user testing of different demographics and markets, guaranteed they would have got valuable feedback to improve their product. Anyway, onto some points that clearly define a design that is user goal orientated


  • Often a page becomes complicated when there are too many different ideas etc
  • Use keyword data to deliver the right asset which will gain trust and lead to deeper engagement


  • Pages should not be cluttered, graphics, layout etc should all motivate the user to take relevant action


  • The article made a comment about designers saying that users don’t read, I must admit I was guilty of thinking this and find that learning UX has really opened my mind to the realistic personality of a user
  • The article brings up how certain studies stated how users don’t read were not conducted with enough of an unbiased approach (will be looking into some of these studies at some point)


I am really enjoying this journey I am on, it is bettering my over all understanding as a designer and I know in this short time I have already evolved with so much knowledge gained

Bye for now!

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