Day #18: Do people scroll

Day #18: Do people scroll

I recently decided to start using Soundcloud, I’m always a late buyer/user, when everyone was going on about FB I only got it years later and I have yet to set up an Instagram account. Anyway, once I got it, I thought I would look for UX podcasts and was amazed at how many I found! This first one is a short and sweet video, but do check out Soundcloud, there are some longer podcasts with interesting titles that I will be looking into

The podcast speaks about how the answers to questions like “do people scroll” are not as static as people would like to think, they are dependent on research and collected data to determine if and why people scroll. Furthermore, he states how long scrolling websites are a trend (Note the video is 2 years old) he indicates how information can flow more naturally with touch-based experiences.

He brings up a trap which many designers fall into, because something is popular does not mean it may best to present your service or product with online. This mechanism of people doing something based on its popularity is not only evident in the tech and design field but with society in general. To avoid this one has to understand what the project is and establish if the action in question is actually suited to what you would like to portray.

Finally, I would like to talk about the example the pod caster brought up about an infield situation that he was faced in the work environment, they chose to put the main attraction action of the page right at the top and they noticed from heat mapping tools that people hardly ever scrolled and stayed at the top of the screen. He does mention that this is common sense, but personally I think some businesses don’t even know what the most important thing users want to see on their site is.

I once worked at a company that was very adamant that there about page and history of the business and the story of the owner be very prominent, its almost becomes an egocentric venture to enforce this content to be the main attraction but given the freedom to decide I would have suggested, store locations, open and closing times as well as catering details to be more prominent. The website in my opinion should never be about forcing the user to trudge through all that to get to what they want. Even if they are extremely interested in your brand they will put in effort to find that section on the about page etc. which I highly doubt… All in all, I think identifying with these types of flaws help a business to clear out all obstacles that they may have for their users and make the experience as smooth as possible. Until next time

Bye for now!

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