Day #24: The UX designers 5-minute guide to lean personas Part 1

Day #24: The UX designers 5-minute guide to lean personas Part 1

I love understanding what makes people do the things they do and having a persona will help you understand why people do certain things. You will have an outline of what a group likes to see online in relation to specials and have a baseline structure for how to speak to them for the foreseeable future. This article speaks about lean personas and why they are often a necessary means to an end.

When to use lean persona’s

  • Limited resources: Small companies who are on tight budgets often need the research but lack the resources, so look at the baseline structure of what’s needed and work on that
  • Rapid product development: This basically means if you don’t have the time to develop detailed personas then you should revert to doing lean ones
  • Lenient stakeholders: If I was a stakeholder I would not be lenient, I really love my research but if the stakeholders are fine with less detailed personas then you can also take a lean approach

Keep in mind

  • If freelancing, speak to the client they may have collected some data on who the product/ service appeals to and you can build on that
  • Conduct online research: You can do online interviews, and conduct research online
  • Validate with coworkers, sometimes confidentiality issues don’t allow for sharing the product for testing, this is where testing with internal employees that match the persona can help. Interesting note was that this is what Apple does
  • Look at competitors: Look at competitors with similar audiences, you investigate best practices and their content strategies

For testing

  • You want to have a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 30 (lots of variables to consider when assessing the amount for this, namely; product, timeline, data and the design process)
  • There is a long list of open ended questions (concept discussed in a previous post) I’m also going to keep these types of questions in mind when doing the next batch of testing.


Include the following details when drafting a persona

  • Name & surname: (a nickname regarding their behavior is common practice)
  • Job title: self-explanatory
  • Goals and needs: Here you can inadvertently or outright inquire about their fears as well
  • Behavior and beliefs: Ensure that content is relative to your product/service
  • Characteristics and attributes

This particular article is very informative yet long, so I will splitting it into two parts, thanks for stopping by fellow Uxer..

Bye for now!

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