Day #25: The UX designers 5-minute guide to lean personas Part 2

Day #25: The UX designers 5-minute guide to lean personas Part 2


As someone with a very strong design background I want to focus my efforts on understanding the research side of the UX career. I tend to find only doing face value visuals to be slightly empty for me, hence why my interest has grown so much for UX. I also want to be able to understand any terms mentioned and know about industry best practices and processes, the below information is about an article I read on creating “lean personas”. The reasons for using lean personas are explained in a previous post, so I will move on without much explanation hoping that you have caught yourself up, there’s no room for stragglers here! ha-ha

The article mentions persona templates for the following reasons

  • These reduce time in creating one from scratch, I myself have a found a few that I will be doing mock examples on soon.
  • I often find working from a template keeps me on track with achieving all the goals set out, and in this case, you can ensure all the correct information is captured


Sites that offer free persona templates

Really like the resources provided, going to certainly try those out and do some mock personas for my project will share soon

Bye for now!

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