Day#30 A realistic approach to job hunting, part 2

Day#30 A realistic approach to job hunting, part 2

Hi everyone! So, the second aspect that I want to bring up is interviews, the interview process can be a stressful situation. I have done lots of personal improvement in becoming more self-confident as I have gotten older, because even if a position is not one that involves a lot of social interactions often the person who shines more is the one who is more charismatic. I am a huge believer in constantly updating one’s skills though so obviously that is very important but being able to present yourself in a confident and professional manner is priceless especially if you want to go for a more senior role

Here are some tips for interviews in Design and UX

  • When they are asking you questions, the interviewer wants to know about your work history, career and career related hobbies. When asked about hobbies, don’t go into a long story about how you love gaming after a long boring day at work, rather I love how this specific game implements design and user experience through these mechanisms and principles. ha-ha recruiters, clients, and possible employers beware this is my interview material RIGHT HERE!
  • Dress professional, yes you are creative, and you love expressing yourself blab la bla! Not every company wants to see your tattoo of a unicorn on your forearm. When I wanted to work at agencies I would ask in advance what the dress code was, because if you dress too professional you may not actually suit the environment. So, try find out in advance to land a good first impression
  • Smile! Smiling purposefully relaxes you by releasing endorphins but you also seem more approachable in interviews

Next is something personal that I have experienced, and I have seen others experience, when you are failing with finding the job you are looking for you need to assess all the variables. For example, yes, the market may be a difficult market, but it is an easy way out to use that as an excuse for not ramping up your CV and portfolio more. You need to be honest with yourself, when in an interview and you feel the questions are difficult that’s because you are not comfortable with the content. Go back to the drawing board, research what others have said on the content and then memorize certain keywords. This is how I started this blog because I realized I wanted to have a continuous flow of knowledge in the UX and design industry to better my knowledge and experience.

You may think a question has an abstract answer until you research it, then you will find there are best practices and detailed direct answers that would have landed you that job, contract or client! The biggest problem is people are not willing to admit this, its easier to blame it on the industry being difficult, or the job market being scarce, but it takes real character to understand that you need to put your pride aside and work harder to kick ass at the next opportunity that you may have Now go get to work, you have a lot to do before your next interview..

Bye for now!

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