Day#32 How you can slowly started UX at a small company

Day#32 How you can slowly started UX at a small company

The article is insightful for anyone wanting to introduce UX into their current job spec. I would say it would be a great opportunity for you to gain experience whilst not having to take a pay cut for getting into a new industry and having less experience.

Start small with a thoughtful process

  • Assess what the company needs first and see if anything UX related can relate to their goals, the article indicates how the company needed to reduce design and code debt, so research could define a lot of parameters that were previously left uncategorized
  • The process of understanding requests from clients is crucial it can save time and sometimes results in different solutions
  • Building trust with management will help with them allowing you to perform these functions in working hours

Usability and accessibility

  • When wanting to introduce something new introduce best practises to convince management and other departments of the success rate of using certain items/processes etc.
  • Usability testing can be done with projects to help with making important design decisions

Some tips

  • Document everything: This is a nice way to ensure a lasting impression on the company.
  • Reducing tech & design debt: This is what I am looking at currently as a big concern at some companies I have worked for. Often just because a company has the resources does not mean they are using it to the best of their ability, but it takes careful planning and restructuring and forethought to see beyond the basic premise

An interesting notion to bring something new to the existing company you work for, I have unfortunately not had so much luck before at certain companies. I suppose it really depends on the companies’ ability to think forward and understand that once worked may not always work the same, and in an ever changing arena of the digital sphere we have to be accepting to change that will improve productivity and client retention

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