Day #:35 Personas, the foundation of a great user experience (part 2)

Day #:35 Personas, the foundation of a great user experience (part 2)

I read this article and wanted to share a lot of the information I picked up, as always I generally reference an article per a post and take no credit for coming up with these processes, concepts and theories. I want to start including more of my personal opinions on certain processes and my experiences with doing them as time goes but at this point I want to get more of the main processes out of the way first..

Where does persona development begin?

  • Define the customer lifecycle and understand all the touchpoints
  • You want to include stakeholders early on in the process and introduce the content from your findings in batches. I actually do this myself, it prevents drastic changes to management and they will see a change coming if you slowly present the data in that direction to them
  • The personas should also be shared across the board of the company, nothing worse than one department keeping all the resources to themselves on valuable data. Directly you may think it doesn’t affect other departments but often we don’t know what other departments even do and sharing the information may prove worthwhile

“A consistent and customizable user experience across the entire customer lifecycle is the key to adoption, usage and loyalty, increasing ROI exponentially.”

I often see companies talking so much about their users/customers in a very personal way and it can really be very detrimental if a company is doing this without proper data driven source material to back their opinions on their customers. On the other hand the research has to be conducted on a systematic and ongoing basis. Currently I am developing a strategy for research that will be a 1 year plan. With interviews being conducted monthly, this is because the company in question cannot afford more resources to be dedicated to the task on an ongoing basis, something like this can really work if the research is managed well. However campaigns and specific promotions will not be able to be tracked as well because it spans over a long period of time, this particular project will only be covering personas and user experience.

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