Day #38: Connecting trends in UI, interaction design and experience design

Day #38: Connecting trends in UI, interaction design and experience design

This video is from 2013 so the examples are “slightly” dated, what isn’t dated is the core understandings of how subjects should be interpreted.

The video has the following interesting statements mentioned

  • Blaise Aguera indicates how the when we interact on our phones it is an augmentation of ourselves, and when it works well it feels natural. I love these types of explanations it takes very technical content and makes it seem romantic and magical, Neil Degrasse Tyson does this so well when he talks about the cosmos and evolution in his series as well as on a lot of his talks. Anyway the speaker in this video also uses an example of how IPhone got rid of the set of buttons they had for a touch screen. I personally love the ways phone looks now (she says this with a really outdated battered phone next to her) my only gripe would be the charging situation and how difficult it is to figure out how to stick that dam charger in your phone in the dark
  • Massimo Banzi talks about how devices end up demanding attention from the user in a very abrupt manner, I remember at a time the sounds you would have for calls and messages would be so distinct and almost sharp to the ear. There were less options and people didn’t really have identifying tones for different branded devices. Now you have so many options for notifications and I feel it is not as in your face, for example my own phone is mostly on silent because I hate doing something and then having to stop to answer a call.
  • Robert Murdock says something really profound

“The reality is most things are living systems, they almost immediately change. How you actually design a living system in UX is something that is quiet challenging, for example you actually need to think more about patterns of desired outcomes and behaviors you want to achieve rather than just simply moving a user through one flow and experience

  • This relates to a lot of posts that I have done so far on research in UX, I have covered many aspects of this topic. From defining personas, to processes for interviews and even general processes for organizing big projects. It is so essential so that you gather everything that is necessary to ensure when resources are dedicated to a project they are being used for the most efficient purposes.

The end of the video was so interesting as well, it spoke about a collective that has formed with the internet, how people learn about events on social media before anywhere else and how events can be formed from social media (flash mobs) I personally see it all the time, I see how people feel they have a stronger voice, when they threaten with “I will take this to social media” ha-ha in the midst of everyone complaining that people are always on their phones, I think the digital era brings even more people together who want to coexist with certain belief structures or ideals. What a great time to be alive…

Bye for now!

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