Day #40: Up your game!

Day #40: Up your game!

So I decided to do a Photoshop course, its human instinct to form habits and I wanted to see if I have formed some bad habits which are possibly time related. To fill you in on a secret, I didn’t do much Photoshop in college. I worked on various other software but somehow using a particular program was not always crucial for a project, I don’t find that conducive for a learning environment but more on that in another post! Doing courses in something you already think you are very skilled in can be an arduous process. For one you may do a course that is completely rudimentary and leaves you bored, or on the positive side you may actually find that your knowledge was not that vast. I often find myself using the same tools for different purposes and I was just wondering lately if there were better solutions for doing the same task. Anyway this particular course is very design focused and even has a document for participants to download with shortcuts etc.

Details on the course

Platform: Udemy

Name: Photoshop in depth, master all of Photoshop’s tools easily

Lectures: 45 (equals to 4.5 hours)

What I really like about Udemy is you have lifetime access, so if you feel like picking up another course you can and then come back to that course when you are ready, it takes self-control to remember you still have to complete the first course though. The certificates are also a nice touch, they all look the same and are generated by Udemy, so not branded by the individual giving the course but rather a generic look. The certificates also have time spent on the course which is a plus, I have used some of these certificates in the past when putting my portfolio together. The main thing is keep all the certificates relevant if you are trying to go for a specific position, because you can easily rack up a lot of certificates from Udemy. For example I wouldn’t choose to add my courses on Instagram marketing if I am applying for a UX position. However nothing wrong with stating on your CV that you have experience in Instagram, but you don’t want a possible employer or recruiter to have to sift through a folder of 15 certificates to find the ones you want them to notice first. Something else to consider is renaming these certificates Udemy lets you download. Store them in folders according to category and label them clearly so that you can find them easily enough when you need it. I will be doing another post on this Photoshop course once I finish it, so look out for that

Bye for now!

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