Day#44: Psychology; How to build a culture of trust

Day#44: Psychology; How to build a culture of trust

This Website lead to this site, The Human Tech

I absolutely love social psychology, I love being able to unpack not only how other people make the decisions they do but also understanding why I do certain things. Why we do so many actions driven by biological undertones and social norms, I would like to think that by understanding the cause for doing something I can reason with myself if it’s a good decision or not and not just go on my instinctual “feeling” which may not be the best decision. Anyway, the original website, I wrote another article on in a previous post, how the author introduced UX at his current company. This link contains some of his inspiration, all in different forms from videos, to courses and even pod casts (which I am so excited about). Note not everything is on UX psychology, from the podcast above is.

I looked at the podcast for how you build a culture of trust, and really enjoyed the content. See below for some topics that stood out for me

  • To gain trust, you must display trust
  • They then bring up gamification concepts that were used to identify human traits

There are many different gamification scenarios, from my understanding they aim to understand the following about people

  • Morals and ethics
  • Social pressure
  • Social conformity
  • Value systems

The above is but a few of the concepts that I picked up the podcaster talking about in passing, I do feel the podcaster could explained the basics a bit better of gamification and its goal in testing. However, I don’t think this podcast is for the novice or at least that’s the impression I get so far, anyway was interesting. I also felt in certain scenarios the one presenter was not clearly explaining the scenario to the other presenter and leaving out a small difference can change the outcome drastically in my opinion. The concept of gamification is truly amazing and helps us understand users on a deeper level. I will be doing many more posts on this topic and possibly even give gamification its own page in the future, when I have more posts on the topic.

Until next time, bye for now!

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