Day#46: The practical guide to empathy maps; 10-minute user personas (part 2)

Day#46: The practical guide to empathy maps; 10-minute user personas (part 2)

The website I found the information on

The process of creating empathy maps

“It’s important to note that empathy maps can be created for a general understanding, or for specific tasks and situations. Broad empathy maps are more useful as quick user personas because they are not based on a single user scenario. If you can spare the time, you could create several task-based empathy maps to feed into more detailed personas.”

I think how you choose to do your empathy maps is really time and resource dependant. So if you have a large budget and time allocated to the task then you can do more detailed insightful empathy maps, however if not then more basic ones will have to do.

Some questions to consider, to help you think

  • What environment are users in when using your product
  • Are they having fun, or do they want to get done with using the app
  • What’s the user’s life like outside of the app
  • What kind of day are they having
  • You can even try role playing where someone pretends to be the user and answers as if they are the user

What to do with completed empathy maps

  • Don’t throw these away
  • Store digitally so that you can find it when you need it
  • The article has a framed version of an example of an empathy map
  • Also remember to share the findings with all staff involved on the project, so that everyone can refer to the information for contextual data

I will be doing a post on the types of questions I will be putting together for upcoming interviews so look out for that soon.

Bye for now!

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