Day#50: Review of MR Price website

Day#50: Review of MR Price website

I wanted to start something new with this post, I will be reviewing websites that I come across in relation to their design and user experience. I love online shopping, sign me up now for a scenario where I don’t have to look for parking or stand in ques. However some sites make it so difficult that the transition becomes just as painful with its own set of frustrations. This review is a general review of the Mr Price website. I picked up a few small things that I will have images for below, enjoy!



  • When you click on an item you are met with a triangle style hierarchy, it doesn’t need a recap of the logo as I feel the logo is already at the top of the page, the “find in store” and “add to wish list” don’t look like buttons
  • My home country is not one where the average person is extremely comfortable with shopping online, I would be surprised if they did research on this and found that making it look that way worked better
  • The wish list could have possibly been a heart icon, or something similar I see it a lot. I do think they considered the novice users for this possibly, either way the information is too much and doesn’t flow well
  • The complete the look section should have been to promote other items that would have gone with this pair of shoes, not for you to buy all the shoes that look the same but are in different colors.
  • The last few things I want to mention is when scrolling down you have the three images I have screen grabbed with copy below, the product header is underlined then when you hover the underline is gone. I try stay away from underlining content for design work in general, but I feel this particular action seems like it should be the other way around for functionality purposes
  • The sign up for the mailers is a nice touch, I ran into something similar on a current job where original solution was to have various forms initially. I think this is quick and simple for the user to sign up

All in all I wanted to display a few key concepts that stood out for me, they may seem small in the grand scheme of things but together they all influence the users over all experience, until next time

Bye for now!

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