Day#51: Creating next generation user experiences

Day#51: Creating next generation user experiences

This YouTube video talks about how User experience needs to be a natural one, for example when we are using a scroll bar we are interacting with the scroll bar and not the content.

“Natural user interfaces exploit skills that we have acquired through a lifetime of living in the world”  -Bill Buxton, human computer interaction pioneer

The video also explains how our phones become an extension of ourselves

  • Both have cameras
  • Both sense touch
  • Both have motion
  • And both have microphones

In our efforts to advance technology, we have in a sense engineered it to replicate that which we do already. It may seem like a simple enough idea but if you look at how phones begun with barely any of these capabilities than it is truly fascinating. Its discussed how there are many more capabilities that are reminiscent of our core abilities as human beings, the speaker also mentions our sensory traits relating to how our hands are very sensitive to vibrations

Concepts for the future

  • When playing a game being able to feel the action
  • Being able to read braille on the phone
  • Being able to feel weather patterns through raindrops on the interface

Communication is then mentioned

  • How we have keyboards to communicate for us when our biological method is speech
  • We can’t convey tone, pitch, humour and sarcasm using text
  • We have emoticons for displaying emotion, but they often miss the exact display of emotion and can still be misinterpreted

The speaker talks about amazing concepts of your phone being able to identify the tone of your voice when listing tasks, and then marking a task as urgent based on the urgency in your voice. Or identifying someone’s mood and letting you know when someone is calling you what you can expect based on their tone of placing the call, ha-ha I know I would just not answer. People in the comments will always be rude, one person was saying not enough critical thinking was involved. I think it was a great talk and he is not saying he has come up with all the research for these concepts but rather this is way we should be thinking when creating user experiences

Bye for now!

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