Day#52: Time management and why it’s necessary

Day#52: Time management and why it’s necessary

Oh, this subject is so difficult for a lot of creatives, I remember having friends who just failed so many times at college because they simply couldn’t put the time that was needed into their projects. Firstly, tertiary education takes a lot of dedication, because you can get drunk, zone out with 9gag and sit through a long lecture all in one day wow what a difficult life. Ha-ha! No but on a serious note a lot of creatives struggle with creating a structured timeline for tasks and in the past, I noticed haphazard agencies because of the lack of structure. We can’t hide behind the excuse of being creative for the reason of not being organized, often being organized helps me when I do want to be creative because then I set the time aside and know that this time is solely my creative space, instead of having to juggle a multitude of tasks at any given time

I really enjoyed this article which refers to different types of designers, who are also at different points in their careers. They indicate the organization methods they use and how one’s method can vary from digital organization methods to the original print based. Currently in our start up we use Trello one of the online platforms mentioned in the article, I find it generally easy to use and it has a few abilities like being to color coordinate your tasks which are very handy.

About 5 years ago I lost a full-time job at a pretty good agency, there were a few reasons for this. One was the number of mistakes in my artwork. When I think back I didn’t have a process in place for checking my work. I had been in college and spelling mistakes and adhering to a CI were unheard of in college. (I really hope they have improved design courses now because that was a huge issue I struggled with once entering the working world. What’s interesting though is that I got the internship with a friend that went to the same college as me, so I can’t fully blame the college, as he managed fine and actually still works for that company to this day. I can say that my work was probably not of equal standard to his perhaps? I know the company did call me in once to tell me I was making too many mistakes, and I tried focusing on not making them after that, but I never knew how to systematically avoid making mistakes without a process.

Now I have time for a concept, the actual project and reviews all scheduled in for an any given task. I take longer rather trying to submit before deadlines and to try to ensure that there are less mistakes. I have come a long way because that job loss really hit my self confidence a lot, and you know what in retrospect it happens. So, the hek what, yes, I had a rough patch, but I pulled through it and the whole cheesy story of learning from your mistakes is the most important thing. It took me time to realize that mistakes don’t define me, and it really is ok to have a lost a job because you just sucked at it. If you learned from it and made sure you put in processes to avoid it from happening again.

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