Day#53: Balsamiq wire framing

Day#53: Balsamiq wire framing

Hi everyone! So wireframing has really come a long way, I remember working on it in college and thinking it was rather simple however the complexity comes in when understanding the core experience, you want the user to have. Then trying to make actions as easy as possible for the user. If you have read some of my other posts you know that I am working on a start up as well as many other things. The concept for the startup won’t be mentioned because my partner may just kill me for doing that ha-ha! I mean I think like 5 people have read my blog and that includes my mother, but I won’t be telling you guys the concept just in case the 6th person happens to be Mark Zuckerberg on the prowl for new ideas, because you know our start up is really just that awesome!

So anyway, the layout needed to be designed as wire-frames for dev time to be allocated, we are obviously understaffed, so I am working on lots of other things for the project as well. Hence you won’t be hearing about this project in any logical progress it will probably be snippets here and there where I think its related as well. So, I did these three examples for content to be displayed, the initial process had I think around 10 different layouts on paper, I then took 5 to desktop and these are three that you see before you. The far right is an example of one we will not be using it came up from a little testing and communication that it was complicated which I agree with. So, the first two are meant to be actual examples. I think this is the first example of my own work I have included, I like looking at other peoples work because then that falls under my research and keeping up to date with current trends and inspiration etc, however I want to start sharing more and more of my own work as this project progresses so look out for more no name brand start up content ha-ha. These examples are basic wire-frames and will still go under scrutiny in the coming weeks will keep you updated of which one is chosen and what changes will be implemented.

A tip to remember with wire-frames is to keep them as simple as possible and not focus on alignment and color at this point, it really helps with trying to come up with multiple options and keeping the creativity flowing


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