Day#55 Systems in the work place

Day#55 Systems in the work place

Hi everyone! So I have worked at various companies which have different systems in place, I thought I would do a post on the various types of systems for work flow that I have experienced over the years

Company A (agency)

  • Designers briefed by marketing by mail
  • Given deadlines and project outlines
  • Once completed artwork sent to another designer whose sole purpose is to QA artwork, this prevents spelling and CI mistakes from being sent to client
  • Adjusted deadlines can be communicated with marketing
  • Macro management style, “as long as work is done you can do what you want, but there is so much work you don’t have time to even take lunch sometimes ha-ha
  • Team leads who have vast amounts of knowledge on design trends and like motivating the rest of the team
  • Hardly any subjective changes, only CI related changes ever requested
  • Designers are valued for their skill and creativity, and are all invited to brainstorm workshops etc

Company B (corporate)

  • Marketers created tickets on an internal system
  • Designers and copy writers briefed by ticketing system
  • Communication on approval of artwork is made directly with marketing
  • Extension of deadlines etc. is made within creative and then creative relays to marketing, extensions are a touchy subject which result in passive aggressive behaviour from management
  • A lot of creative changes on artwork, based on subjective reasoning
  • Designers are not valued for their skill and creativity
  • Company culture is very forceful about social gatherings
  • Extreme micro management
  • Team leads who share confidential information with other employees

Company C (retail in house position)

  • Briefs are sent by mail, and determined on level of urgency in relation to due dates
  • Certain employees struggle with sending work on time for creative to be done, but management approves creative pushing back on deadlines for such tasks
  • No copy writer so copy is often done by the designer
  • Extensions can be discussed comfortably within reason, as long as proof of all work is noted
  • Management is trustworthy and clear in constructing briefs
  • Changes are constructive and based on company knowledge instead of based on subjective choices
  • Macro management style, and employees are left to manage their own time
  • Employees receive praise when tasks go well

The above is just a basic structure of the various styles of companies I worked at, as you can tell company B was an absolute nightmare to work at. Ha-ha I actually worked there for almost 2 years I think. What I noticed about this company was that they paid employees really well and had really amazing benefits like free lunch and snacks. So often designers and other employees ended up staying because of the ease of lifestyle that the company provided. Everyone that I knew from when I started working there has left though and it is now a team of 4 or so from 16 creatives initially I think. Company A on the other hand was a very cliche agency environment, they had a really talented team of people but I felt like a factory worker in a chain of never ending banners after a while. Company C was the best and to this day has been the best experience ever. Management is amazing and the work load is diverse and interesting. Id say it takes time to figure out what type of structure suits you best, so good luck on your journey and hope you find what you are looking for!

Bye for now!

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