Day#57: How to change your career from marketing to UX (part2)

Day#57: How to change your career from marketing to UX (part2)

Hi everyone! So this article was informative and lengthy hence why it was split into two posts, enjoy!

The benefit of marketing experience when moving to UX design

A focus on business needs

  • UX concentrates on a fine balance between guiding users through a thoughtful experience
  • The article explains marketing often has more research on the business needs and can sometimes make the hard decisions that UX designers may not be able to make

The article also discusses some courses that the company who did the post do, they do a comparison of all the various course platform sites. My plan is to exhaust all the free outlets with this blog first then move onto courses perhaps. Yes I have done reviews and will do more on courses on Udemy, however the Photoshop course reviewed was a free course available on Udemy. They do have a paid for UX course that I have had my eye on so will let you guys know when I decide to do it.

The article does mention following these UX experts in the industry

  • Don Norman
  • Irene Au
  • Luke Wroblewski
  • Steve Krug
  • Laura Klein
  • Bill Buxton
  • Scott Jenson
  • Karen McGrane
  • Olof Schbergson
  • Patrick Neeman

I have done a post on Don Norman (the father of UX design) before and will probably do a few more. As for the other people mentioned, will certainly start looking into them, and share my findings. Take care until next time my fellow Uxers!

Bye for now!

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