Day#58: 5 things everyone should know about UX work

Day#58: 5 things everyone should know about UX work

Hi everyone, so something I have noticed is that a job can be very different from what you study at an institution. Institutions try prepare you as best they can, if they are any good but nothing is like the real thing when you are dealing with people and companies who have their own processes in place. For example I was a paramedic years ago for a very brief time. When you are doing your course you learn about the correct procedure and how to go through everything systematically, get on the road though and you will soon see the truth of the matter. All you are basically trying to do is control the symptoms, while your partner is speeding to get you and the patient to the hospital in one piece. I even remember being teased about performing all the checks etc with patients. In design and UX it is luckily not so life threatening but dependent on the company and the situation you may not be able to follow best practices all the time. The best you can do is have all the skills and know where they are best suited.

Without wasting any more time see my summary of the article

UX research is essential

  • Often you will experience marketing saying they have done all the research necessary, however often the research that marketing has conducted will not be User related but more on a holistic view of the company. It is essential for a UX designer/research to conduct their own research

We can’t show you a process

  • The article basically describes how a process and certain attributes of a process may have to change as per client and company. You need to be comfortable with having a process that may change dependant on the resources and company goals etc.
  • “Our job is to refine ideas to the point that we can hand them over to your users to tell is if we got it right or not. This may be time consuming, but it’s the only assurance you have that we’re really moving in the right direction too.”
  • This quote speaks volumes because sometimes you may have a company that wants to roll out yesterday and sees the research as wasted time, this is where UX designers and researchers need to fight for the time to conduct a short amount of research on the users

Anyway often I go through all the processes and ideas for UX and I just wanted to do a realistic approach with what you may experience in field as a UX designer.

Bye for now!

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