Day#61: Photoshop tutorials

Day#61: Photoshop tutorials

Remember a few posts ago I said I was doing a photoshop course on Udemy? As I said I know that I have fallen into some lazy habits with photoshop I tend to use the same tools for everything and wanted to see if there were other easier ways for doing certain actions. The course I found is really good, the instructor is clear and easy to understand, and the content is explained eloquently and in a systematic fashion. This course is also free so go refresh your photoshop! You never know what you might pick up!

Details about the course

Name of the course: Photoshop in depth- master all of photoshops tools easily

Lectures: 45 lectures, they are short though but still mostly informative

Video time of lectures: Adds up to 4.5 hours

  • I learnt how you can select specific sections with selecting color ranges in photoshop, prior to this I was either deep etching a clipping mask on the image and then using the hue and saturation function which is a much more arduous process
  • I have always struggled with hair, I absolutely hate working with models in photoshop who have lots of hair. It really needs time and attention to detail because it can very easily look like a poor design when it comes to hair, the lesson indicates how using the quick selection tool and lasso tool, together with the refine edge tool can make this process a lot quicker. I will try it some time in the future and see how it goes
  • He also goes over the perspective crop tool, its really going to start being evident that I don’t use my photoshop to the best of its abilities ha-ha! But anyway, this tool can be used to change the perspective of an image I always used the edit-transform-distort or perspective functions but moving forward going to give this a try as well
  • I also learnt that photoshop has a note tool! How insane ha-ha never knew this, it would have really helped when I worked at companies where lots of designers worked on the same artwork. I wonder if lots of designers even know about this tool though, because I haven’t ever heard of anyone using it before. Yes you can also just communicate verbally with someone but often I forget details of a project because I am working on so many projects so a tool like this will really help with organizing details of a specific task in a concise manner
  • The course also covers this really interesting concept of painting with a brush from a digital palette, it even has functions where you can mix colours on the palette and create colors on your artboard. I love looking at illustrations and creative work, but it has been a loooong time since I have done work that would justify needing a tool like this. Regardless it is an awesome tool, available in photoshop, just set up your brush with some specifics and you good to go

There are certain things that this course is not 100% on because the version of photoshop is not the most recent version, still I feel it is a pretty good free resource available for learning design and brushing up on your skill set

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