Ux Meetup “Disability is a spectrum not a binary”

Ux Meetup “Disability is a spectrum not a binary”

So yesterday I went for my first UX meetup at Honeykome a creative agency, the place was really difficult for me to find but it was really a worthwhile experience after I finally found it. The presentation/workshop was on Disabilities as a spectrum and not defining them as binaries. I really enjoyed it, and it was also really wonderful to see how many people attended. The presentation was done by Nicola du Toit and Steve Barnett, who were witty and interesting to listen to. Thanks guys! Oh oh check out Nicola’s website here, you can also find some interesting content from Steve on Medium here where he discusses a lot of different content from UX to front end development.

They explained how we all have some sort of disability, to delve a little deeper they discuss how disabilities can be separated into 3 main categories. Cognitive, Visual, and physical disabilities. They even had an activity where all the attendees would have the opportunity to draw a little heart in different areas which they have experienced certain actions/emotions in those categories. What was interesting was that there was a large percentage of hearts in the cognitive section. These “actions” I am referring to, were meant to symbolize various forms of disabilities, there were common examples like having an injury in the physical section. However something as simple as not being able to see your phone screen in the sunlight creates a form of disability as well.  Nikki, (this is me moving straight in for nick name status with one of the speakers haha!) then said a really nice quote which seems basic but is worth mentioning.

“Sometimes we just need to get out the way, and let our users do that they need to do” -Nicola du Toit

One last quote before rounding off and this is just so eloquent in representing consistent testing of existing products and services.

“It doesn’t have to be perfect, just a little bit better than yesterday” -Leonie Watson

I also really enjoyed meeting other industry professionals and am looking forward to attending many more of these types of UX meetups in and around South Africa. I really suggest when you go to events like this, try and speak to as many people as you can, ask questions and don’t worry about sounding stupid. We are all on our own journey of learning..

Thanks to Nicola, Steve and of course Marli for organizing the event. Happy researching!

Bye for now!



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