Day#64: Designing a fantastic UX (part 2)

Day#64: Designing a fantastic UX (part 2)

Hi there, so this is a part 2 of the video mentioned in the previous post, I really enjoyed the way the speaker breaks down a number of topics. The concept of UX that always thrills me is how every decision is based on research instead of abstract subjective choices and trends. Coming from a design background I really appreciate the level of research and psychology that goes into final products. Anyway enough from me, enjoy the rest of the summary of the video below

  • “Design axiom: This is a term used to define “A statement or proposition which is regarded as being established, accepted or self-evidently true”
  • For example a design axiom may be to have the logo top left on a website, you see it on every website in this fashion
  • He mentions the hamburger icon to represent the website/apps menu, this is not a design axiom. For example: a job I’m working on right now has users that are very novice and for them something that is simple to experienced users will not be a norm to these novice users, hence why this does not fall under the design axiom definition
  • When you make a procedural knowledge based change expect people to be unhappy, this needs to be taken into account when doing research with existing users. They may feel the new layout is difficult because they created patterns for actions

“A designer who doesn’t understand psychology is going to be no more successful than an architect who doesn’t understand physics”

Such a valuable talk, encapsulating many topics under the sphere of UX design, I really REALLY recommend this video for some deeper profound knowledge into the industry. It’s also good to be aware of all jargon used, so start familiarizing yourself with terms that you would encounter in the industry if you haven’t already. Until next time fellow Uxers

Bye for now!

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