Day#67: How having a psychology background can help with UX

Day#67: How having a psychology background can help with UX

I have spoken about lots of industries merging into the UX field and how it can help to have the knowledge on design and marketing. This post is for people in the psychology field, I think it may seem more daunting for these individuals purely because of the lack of exposure to the tech industry. Often web and digital designers are exposed to some of the content a UX position may entail, marketing has the business background etc however psychology professionals will have to focus on upping their game with these skills that will put them on par with their design and marketing counterparts. However psychologists have skills in understanding the human mind based on decisions, higher thought processes and interactions. The article I found mentions the following knowledge that would benefit a psychologist in the UX industry

  • Theories, rules, experimentation and analysis learned are useful
  • Ability to understand people’s emotions behaviour and motivations
  • Understanding the power of research
  • Knowing how to communicate with others
  • Reading and writing through many practises
  • Being observant
  • Empathizing with people
  • Collaborate with people in teams
  • Iteration, iteration and more iteration

I think for a physcologist, they can really provide insight into the human mind that a Designer coming from a creative background may not have experience in. I have learnt about many human constructs and actions that we as people do in my personal capacity, and have found it really helps me to understand why we do the things we do. For example I was actually explaining Group think to a stakeholder the other day and how it can affect research that we are planning to conduct. I will be talking about Group think in the next post, so come back tomorrow for a break down of this concept. When someone from a psychology background would be structuring research like this they would know from the get go how to structure research of this nature to get the best possible results.Happy researching until next time

Bye for now!

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