Day#69: The user, the goal and the environment

Day#69: The user, the goal and the environment

I think this topic is very important, often it becomes clear when one of the concepts above has been taken into account more than another. I will demonstrate this by an example, take a bag. The type of bag can be defined by the above 3 mentioned concepts in the following ways

  • The user is a teenager that is going to the mall, what type of bag do she have?
  • The user is a mother who has a small baby, what type of bag does she have?
  • The user is a retired couple travelling abroad, what type of bag do they use?

The above defines the type of user, often these details are extracted by understanding the user through research compiled and creating personas. The below defines the type of goals of the user

  • The teenager going to the mall has to take a change of clothes because she wants to wear a different outfit which her parents won’t allow her to wear, she also wants to hide some treats bought at the shop in her handbag so she doesn’t have to waste her pocket money at the movie theater kiosk
  • The mother is only going out to buy bread and milk
  • The retired couple, have a lot of medication that they carry as well as all their travel essentials. To ensure they are prepared for any emergency medical/travel situations

Now you see that the information provided about the goals of the user can further change the type of bag they carry, it can influence the size, price and overall functionality of the bag meaning how many compartments it needs to have and what’s the best type of strap it should have to be carried. Lets see how environment can affect this even further

  • The teenager is going to the mall, and then she is getting fetched by friends where they will then go to a party at a club
  • The mother is walking to the shop to buy the bread and milk
  • The couple are in a foreign area

To round off it is important to consider, the user, their goals and the environment at all times to ensure a product of highest quality is produced for the optimal user experience. The handbag was simply an example you can use this same premise when looking at various types of products in all sorts of industries. Happy researching!

Bye for now

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