Day#70: Offerzen and recruitment companies

Day#70: Offerzen and recruitment companies

So Offerzen is a recruitment company that has become quite popular in South Africa, they have these interesting advertising campaigns making tech jobs unique with phrases like calling developers unicorns etc. I love how they have taken recruitment to a different level in this country, they see it as no different to any other business and promote themselves and have designs which I love! Often people seem to think UI and UX are the same things, even people hiring in the industry label it wrong. I was looking at a job spec just yesterday that was labelled UX, but I could see from the criteria that they meant UI. The purpose of this rant is that its nice knowing that the recruiter you are working with knows the field, knows your skill set and will assist with finding you the best possible position. The setup is rather different to a classic recruitment company, where the mechanism in place on this platform is that companies look for the employees and send you offers instead of the other way around.

My fiancé found his job through Offerzen and he really liked the process and the functionality in general. I am thinking I will do a full-on interview with him on insights into the development industry at some point and just general management and project styles for work flow in dev teams. Since in UX you will probably have to work with developers and its nice to know the way that various departments tackle projects in development

I think something to consider is finding recruiters that will help you find a position most suited to you, on the rare occasion you may have a truthful recruiter that will  discuss various positions and help you with understanding the company culture and environment etc. This happens when recruiters work a lot with a particular company but may not be the case if you are looking at a smaller company or if the company hasn’t used that recruitment agency before. Below are some details for sites to look out for you, should you be in the industry looking for a job. Another great tool for the job market is Linkden, you can track significant people in the industry and look at how you match against other people in the industry (paid for version). I mean I’m probably not going to get the paid for version but its available, the platform has interesting ways to display your skill set and personal projects. I also noticed how you can apply for jobs straight through the platform which makes for an easy experience once you have your profile set up. You can possibly also look on places like Pnet, Career Junction etc. but I really do feel Offerzen provides such a quality service that you will find a job with ease if you meet all the criteria for the various roles and industries they specialize in.

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