Day#72: Expert guide on how to make a badass portfolio (part 2)

Day#72: Expert guide on how to make a badass portfolio (part 2)

This is the second part in the two-part post of an expert guide on how to make a badass portfolio. Often you will apply for a position after position and never know what you are missing to land the job you really want. Enjoy!

Include the outcome of the project

  • Discuss the outcome and the next steps to ensure the product is an ongoing success
  • Including a retrospective analysis shows that you are reflective of your own work
  • What worked for the project
  • What didn’t work for the project
  • What will be changed for the next project

The article also includes information on if you are a beginner and how to include personal projects and still include your process and flow on these to give the employer or recruiter an idea of how you break projects down. In relation to the amount of time spent working on your portfolio, I personally see this as ongoing but set aside a good amount of time so that you are not sending through a rushed portfolio when you see an amazing job you want to apply for.

Over all advise

  • Look at different mediums for displaying your portfolios, i.e. portfolio platforms, blogs etc.
  • Dribble, Behance, and WordPress are a few options that you can look at

Above all else remember that a portfolio and CV are your best chance at displaying who you are to companies and recruiters hiring. You want to display everything you are capable of so start with a list of items and check them off the list when you add them into your portfolio and CV this will prevent you forgetting to add something that you capable of, happy researching!

Bye for now

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