Day#78: Agile and Scrum overview (part 4)

Day#78: Agile and Scrum overview (part 4)

Below is an introduction to the Scrum project management system, enjoy!


  • Product owners are responsible for the over all success of the product
  • This individual would list all the product requirements
  • Products are named as product backlog items
  • These product backlog items are expressed as user stories
  • It ranges from top being high priority to the bottom with low priority, items can change in priority
  • Dev team range from 3 – 9 members
  • In sprint planning meetings, the team evaluates items at the top of the list i.e. high priority
  • Items that will be delivered in the next sprint will be discussed
  • Teams will have a scrum master which is basically managing the meeting and ensuring that times for tasks, and important tasks are kept in check
  • A sprint can be anything from 2 – 4 weeks
  • During the sprint, their will be daily scrum meetings on progress of tasks
  • Increment is the sum of all the items completed during the sprint and all previous sprints
  • Sprint reviews are then organized by product owner, and dev teams display product completed since the last sprint, and the product owner gives info on pending tasks
  • Sprint retrospective meetings occur after the sprint review, this is internal between the team, and the team discusses what they did well and what they could have done differently and possibly better

This course was very informative for a beginner who has no knowledge on the various methodologies and processes mentioned, keep that in mind when reading through the reviews. I will be doing my own personal opinions on each of these processes in the next post. Thanks, happy researching!

Bye for now!

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