Day#79: Aesthetics in the work place

Day#79: Aesthetics in the work place

So, something all designers face is the epic battle of subjective decisions. Designers must constantly deal with changes that can not clearly be proven if they are better than the designers original concept. I have worked at places where marketing did run A/B testing however if there are multiple changes in an A/B test then it becomes difficult to track what exactly fueled the different results. In theory A/B tests should not be drastically different, giving the opportunity to pin point the advantage of one option over another. The other issue I have not enjoyed in the past is not being valued for my decisions as a creative to know what is best for the brand. Understandable if you are just starting out in the industry or just starting out with a brand, but I knew designers who were getting ridiculous subjective changes on artwork after years of working on a brand.

There are many reasons for this, one because marketing was given more freedom over a project and were made to feel as if it were their own project as opposed to a project shared with all those working on it. Marketing was also tasked with conceptualizing projects without any communication with creative, thus building their own visualizations of the project on a whole. Another issue then comes in where visual communication of briefs is rather misguided and not expressed in wording that both departments can understand one another. Reverts can also be misunderstood which leads to further resources lost. I want to do the next post chatting about this visual communication I’m referring to. For now though keep in mind if you are considering a career in UX, that UX is an industry with more substantial backing than abstract choices and feelings. Your outcome should be based on thorough research delving into the user’s mind in relation to what drives them. The aesthetic construct should be tested and researched before coming to conclusions, this is why I love UX. When I do release a project into the wild, it can be backed by my research, and it is not a slapdash banner that can be changed subjectively 5 times. Bear this in mind when choosing to dive deeper into UX. Sometimes the research is not for everyone, some people enjoy the joy one can get from concentrating solely on design, however this was the wrong career for me in my opinion. I enjoy thought provoking material and working on a project in the long term to come to a decision made with careful planning and investigation. I do think there are different roles within the UX field and you could probably settle on one with less research, however make sure when choosing a job that you choose one that will suit you and your skill set, happy researching.

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