Day#86: Prototyping through the ages

Day#86: Prototyping through the ages

Hi guys! So prototyping has really changed over time, I remember making paper prototypes for projects and the effort it took to make it look the way it needed to in order to collect factual feedback on the user experience. Now Uxers have so many software options to choose from that makes the prototyping process more fluid and easier to go through with testing and stakeholders.

I have included an example below of paper prototyping, this was done for a long time and is still inspiring and amazing in its own right, however with the platforms available now I never use paper prototyping

With regards to some of the platforms, Marvel, Sketch, Adobe XD, Axure, Balsamiq and Invision. I personally use Balsamiq, Marvel and Adobe XD. A lot of the software now have ironed out a lot of issues in project managment as well, so for example review of projects can happen right in the working file. By simply sharing a link to the file with anyone who is working on the project or has influence on the final decision. I must say its rather frustrating how many of these UX tools are only for Apple, which as a Windows girl really puts a damper on my goal of learning the ins and out of the UX industry. However I really have never struggled using Balsamiq, Marvel and Adobe XD so I doubt you will either if you are on Windows. Take a look at some of the previews below on the software mentioned

It is interesting how all these tools have popped up to make the lives of Uxers smoother, it helped me see how big the industry actually was when I first got into the industry not really knowing what to expect. I think naturally with the difficulty in creating actual products, prototyping is necessary and the process of prototyping has in itself become a rather enjoyable experience for me at this point in my career. See below for a few other articles talking about prototyping tools, as much as the few platforms I mentioned are popular choices there are really a lot of platforms to choose from, and it really means assessing what is your budget and goals for the project which will in the end help you choose the right platform.

Anyway happy researching!

Bye for now..


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