Day#88: Interview questions that need to be reworked

Day#88: Interview questions that need to be reworked

I have been for tons of interviews over the years. Often I will try schedule them close together to try get offers in the same period that way I am not just deciding on one job offer. You may not always be lucky in those situations but try do it next time so that you are not under pressure to accept one offer instead of comparing at least two. Often we see interview mistakes for interviewees but never for companies, companies often make mistakes in the hiring process too and there is no shame in putting light on this topic

Anyway the point of this post is to point out some rather pointless interview questions and processes so here we go on the worst questions I have got from companies in the past


1. What makes you passionate about wanting to work for this company?

Yes this can be a game changer with certain companies, that require a certain mindset in order to believe in the cause but there are so many companies that are using the interview question that shouldn’t be. You rather want someone that is passionate about what they do, in time they may grow to be passionate about the company but more often than not this question will result in a false answer. Where the candidate feels like they have been put on the spot to say how much they love the company, this supposed passion by the way has to be deduced from the company website and Social media and not having spent any actual time at the company.


2. If the candidate doesn’t ask the questions you want them to, volunteer the information

For example if the candidate does not ask about working hours or the environment of the workplace, the panel or interviewer needs to display that information. Interviews are stressful even for highly skilled individuals and sometimes in between being drilled about technical skills and abilities people forget things. Nothing worse than someone who goes through the entire interview process only to find out at the end that they are not happy with certain aspects of the job they will have to do. Which brings me to the next point…


3. Not stating the salary

Yes you want people to want to work for you company and be passionate, however the salary is necessary to know if it is worth the candidates time. I sometimes see job specs on various career sites with no remuneration stated. There are reasons for doing this in my opinion. I once applied for a position like this, when I was very desperate to move companies, first item to note it will generally be people who are desperate who will respond to this. Secondly I personally think companies do this to test the waters see what type of people apply and what are the salaries they are asking for. They then also don’t have to deal with someone being unhappy with the job spec saying a certain amount and not getting the amount stated. Rather state the salary off the bat and everyone knows what to expect moving forward.


4. Looking for the unicorn in the midst

This is when companies do job specs like “must be team player and be really good at working alone”. “Should be used to structured briefs, but also willing to be flexible with fluid concepts”. All these variables are valid skills for a company to require, however we are people and often we will naturally be better at certain things over others. For example I am naturally an introvert, I have become better at working with people which I state in interviews. I would prefer stating that rather than working somewhere and not having said it from the get go. I look at it as a  sifting process at this point in my career, and if I don’t suit the position then it is for the best that I probably didn’t get it.


5. What are your best and worst qualities

Guys please! Everyone prepares structured answers for this, I have seen YouTube channels that tell you how to mask a positive trait as a bad one many times. The better solution would be trying to dig deeper and understand the candidates drive, what do they enjoy, how do they spend their off time. More often than not the hobbies we enjoy and why we enjoy them indicate who we are as people. It is something that companies want to know about people before hiring them, however questions need to be more unique to catch the candidate off guard and with doing that you will get a more realistic answer.


6. Do you work well with others

I actually get asked this a lot, and its a question that is so expected at this point, interviewers must try put themselves in the perspective of the candidate when you want that job are you going to say no. So basically everyone will say yes, then maybe this question is just to see who is the better liar? haha! but realistically I think the better situation is to make a situation up for the candidate and then ask them how would they react in that situation.

Anyway this is not to say that I am perfect in all interviews or all companies are bad. Speaking from the perspective of a candidate it really becomes frustrating when companies do any of the above, often even if the position looks good I won’t waste my time if the salary is not stated. This is because I have learnt from past mistakes, spending time researching the company, doing all the the tests that are required etc only to find that the salary doesn’t meet my expectations can be really frustrating. A company that values my passion for the company instead of my passion for my craft is rather odd because in comparison I could be passionate about a company but not be passionate about my craft which I will be providing for said company. To end off this just means that interviewers just need to come up with more unique questions for the interview process to try get the most realistic answers and reactions out of candidates,happy researching until next time!

Bye for now!

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