Day#89: Eneagram Personality types and how they can influence UX

Day#89: Eneagram Personality types and how they can influence UX

So I love learning about the human mind as I have stated before, as a child I constantly wanted to understand why people do the things they do. You can imagine why a young me would have wanted telepathy as a super power over all other powers then with that yearning desire to understand people. Anyway fast forward to present day and I still love understanding why people do the things they do, I think understanding people’s motives helps you to know how to work with them both in professional and personal environments. I really enjoy personality typing and have found that when done well these typing methods can help you understand how people will react in different situations.

For this post I want to discuss the Eneagram personality typing structure, The Eneagram is a 9 type categorization of personality types. I will explain very briefly each type below, it is categorized by numbers but that doesn’t reflect that one ranks above another they each have their own traits and healthy and unhealthy states as you will come to see

  • Type 1: Has a need for structure and often sees the world as black and white
  • Type 2: Has a need for helping others
  • Tpe 3  : Has a need for validation through status
  • Type 4: Has a need for individuality
  • Type 5: Has a need for obtaining knowledge
  • Type 6: Has a need for trust, security and reliability
  • Type 7: Has a need for exploration
  • Type 8: Has a need for control and power
  • Type 9: Has a need for peace and calm

Furthermore apart from one’s own personality type, individuals can be influenced by the societal typing structure this is more from my own research in societal norms and social structures. Where you see people following a certain structure that is deemed to be crucial for whatever its reason may be in the society the individual lives in. Each type can also exhibit traits of the number on either side of them, this is referred to as the types wing. These are just core traits above, and there are many other traits that make up each personality type obviously but take a look at this test and see what you come up with

Eneagram test

Also check out this video explaining the Eneagram

In relation to user experience I think understanding these different types can make it easier for understanding formulated personas, I often see personas that I have created along the way and can spot immediately what Eneagram type the person is. I really enjoyed learning about the Eneagram and to be honest, I often refer to it when dealing with people in the office. It really is one of the most detailed personality typing systems I have ever come across. The structure also discusses how a type can go from a healthy state to unhealthy states and then resemble completely different types in the process. I will certainly be doing more posts as time goes on the Eneagram, happy researching until then!

Bye for now!

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