Day#94:Your project is not a unique butterfly

Day#94:Your project is not a unique butterfly

I have started to realize it will become very easy to see which companies I am talking about from my Linkedin profile and I wouldn’t want to name and shame any past employers in any way on this blog. So for this reason some details may be changed of projects and case studies moving forward. Anyway for this post I want to refer to a particular project that had been handled badly on a number of levels, the project manager had not used an agile environment with the result that key company individuals were not kept in the loop on the project. The project manager was also unaware that certain tasks were theirs from briefing mails to delegation of various functions, and indicated that they needed to be told that certain tasks were for them to do. The issue with this is that project managers are meant to have a holistic overview of the project on a whole, they need to be juggling multiple projects that different specialists are working on for the project and be able to guide them should they have any issues. I found though that with this project I had to project manage on my own which made for an interesting experience. I really learnt the importance of staying organised and noting down various tasks to remember. Even people with the best of memories can forget things and nothing worse than being in a situation where you simply forgot what was required of you. 

I did suggest using an agile environment in that particular situation, however it was not taken into account. The reason being “we have a unique situation here within our business” I think not diversifying and learning about different methods across industries will only reduce your scope of knowledge and the project management methods constructed for developers can really be used for a multitude of industries. I myself have been using Kanban for a while now. When we get in the thought patterns of thinking that our project or a company is extremely unique then we short change these international best practice methods that have already existed and thrived for so long. For one thing Agile methodologies are used across the spectrum of all sorts of companies, my Fiance has said he has used it from financial institutions, to gaming development companies. The process should be the same, even though the company service/product is in itself different.

Anyway I think if you are experiencing this problem at your organisation, try see if you can arrange a workshop on different methodologies and project management systems and tools to go through with your team and management. From there you will hopefully get some positive feedback on a system that can work at your organisation. Make sure to show case studies of other companies and how they are using these methodologies to work most efficiently for them. Happy researching!

Bye for now!

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