Day#95: UX course the ultimate guide to usability

Day#95: UX course the ultimate guide to usability

So my goal for this blog was to share mostly free resources, however I found this course on Udemy and really liked the course structure and the reviews were great so I decided to give it a try and do a review on it as well. 

Course: UX: The ultimate guide to usability

Total video time: 13 hours

Skill level: All levels

Instructor: David Travis

Course price: R485 (04.08.2018)

Where to start, this course was amazing! I have done a lot of courses through various online learning platforms and this course was really the best I have taken so far. The instructor David Travis fast became a real role model for me in the industry. The wonderful thing about social media and the internet is that I managed to connect with David Travis on Linkedin and I now see a lot of content that he finds interesting and shares through the platform. I would really advise on doing the same, keeping up with industry professionals will help with keeping you abreast in the industry as well as you will have an answer for that pesky “Who do you admire in the industry” question that often rears itself in interviews. 

Now for the course, David Travis introduces the concept of UX in a slow and steady fashion explaining how UX is all around us and affects us on a daily basis. He explains very crucial processes and methods for ensuring you test accordingly for various situations. I am doing another course on UX on Udemy with another instructor and I am finding I am struggling to follow on occasion and I know exactly why this is, I am extremely visual I learn by seeing something and have to visualize content to be able to understand something. David Travis’s course has lots of visual references, so if you are like me and enjoy visual stimulation then I would advise you give this course a try. The price is a little more than the average Udemy courses however after doing the course I honestly think the course is very under priced and well worth the money spent. Something that I also enjoyed was the little quizzes in between sections. This is a mechanism that Udemy has on the platform, however I have never found such well structured thought provoking questions in a course before this. Often the questions are too easy and don’t really test in depth knowledge on the section completed. There were also displays of other peoples projects and reviews of portfolios which really helped me with structuring my own portfolio and noticing various shortfalls that were setting me back before. Thanks to David Travis for an amazing course! And happy researching Uxers

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