Day#96: Being unhappy with your job is not ok!

Day#96: Being unhappy with your job is not ok!

I have made a number of friends working in the creative industry over the years, the sad part is I think a lot of people are unhappy in the industry, and for that matter a lot of people in general are unhappy with their career. The problem is we feel forced to come up with this big goal for our future when we are 18, and then we feel pressured by society to have to stick to it. Once you study 3 – 4 years in an industry and then spend an extra 3 – 5 years working in it, it can become painful to think about starting all over again. The difficulty in starting again is no easy task, you will have to put in countless hours to learn a whole new craft and possibly take a pay cut. For those of you still staying at home with your parents, go for it! For the rest of you virtually impossible, I really can’t see myself taking a pay cut at this point in my career. I am really glad though that choosing to dive into UX was not a career to start from complete scratch for me.

I think though that honestly your life is too short for you to spend it constantly unhappy waiting to get home to do that thing you are passionate about. The worst is being worried about the outcome or being lazy about putting the effort into it. I know how this goes I really have done it on countless occasions before using an excuse of the industry is too difficult, saturated, or whatever else excuses you may come up with. Don’t ever feel that you need to stick to a career path just because you liked it 10 years ago, we are constantly changing and growing, if you still love what you studied 10 years ago then awesome but if you don’t have the strength to accept that you have changed and drive your actions towards that new goal otherwise you will always be dissatisfied and stuck.

“You are the sum of the 5 people you spend your time with” I really love this saying and I am constantly trying to connect with people who inspire me. Keep people around that motivate you in the craft you are trying to get better at, and chat to them about your ideas, processes and goals about your future and how they can be achieved. Happy researching!

Bye for now!

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