Day#99: A CX nightmare; Closing a bank account

Day#99: A CX nightmare; Closing a bank account

Hi everyone! So a while back I did a post on the CX that I had at a few banks and cell phone stores in Cape Town South Africa. Today I am going to be going through the customer experience of closing an account with Bank X. I have decided to refrain from naming the Bank in question because the experience was extremely shocking and does not paint the company in a good light at all. The purpose of this blog is to display research, findings and case studies in the UX environment and CX is often closely related. However naming and shaming is not my goal, anyway see the bullet point journey of what the customer has to experience when closing an account

  • Customer wanted to close all accounts with Bank X, realized this could not be done online and had to go into Bank X
  • Upon going into Bank X, Bank then closed current account, however Credit Card is the process below that became a frustration
  • Customer was told that they had to phone the general call center to close the account, customer then leaves Bank X and calls the Call Center
  • Upon calling the call center, the call center then states that the client needs to settle a bill in Bank X before closing the account through the Call center
  • Customer then goes back to Bank X to settle the fees, however when the customer goes to Bank X there is a specific amount that needs to be paid which Bank X is unaware of the actual amount
  • Then the customer has to phone the call center again to try find out what the exact amount is
  • Customer has to go back to Bank X to make the settlement payment and then leaves to call the call center again
  • On calling the Call Center for the third time the customer is then met with another statement indicating that the customer has bonus points on their account. This then means that the customer has to receive and sign for a new card with these bonus points before closing their account
  • The customer has to go back to the Bank to pick up the card, sign for the pin etc and draw the cash that is on the card
  • Then after drawing the cash, another call had to be made to the Call Center to try close the account once again
  • Finally the account was closed, with a lot of back and forths and time wasted on calling the call center each time

General frustrations at the bank

  • The money that was required each time could not be paid by card, the customer had to go and draw cash to pay each time, furthermore the money could not be transferred to the customers new account with another Bank
  • The customer could not draw the full amount of money from the card, and had to forfeit money that could not be drawn
  • Call center calls takes 10 – 15 minutes each call, and the customer is asked the same questions every time. This then leaves the customer frustrated and eventually not giving the right set of answers to the right people, just so that they can be done with the whole process


  • The customer needs to be made aware of the process of closing an account, the fact that the bank closes at 4 and is extremely busy on a saturday makes it difficult for customers to have even a moderately satisfying experience. Something like this really needs to atleast have an online presence for starting the process perhaps
  • The call center does not seem to be creating a profile when they receive calls, asking the same questions over and over. This can be remedied by creating a profile for customers who call in.
  • The “what can we do to keep you as a customer” process comes to late in this customer journey. The customer is even more frustrated after this process and if right at the start the customer was asked for sit down consult with a “consultant” from the company to determine how the experience can be made better then I think that would have changed the experience all together

I really like the Bank I bank with, hint it is not this Bank that I have been discussing haha! They are very good with customer experience, I have had a bad experience with the call center as well. However the Bank itself has always been pleasant, I think even though this is a journey that has not yet been digitized there is nothing that stops companies from digitizing a process like this. Ensuring that your customers remember having a fluid easy experience with your brand is the key to success in an environment that has so many options for the customer/user, happy researching!

Bye for now

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