Day#102: Speculating the process for change with the new CSGO 2018 (part 3)

Day#102: Speculating the process for change with the new CSGO 2018 (part 3)

Just in case you missed the previous two posts, I have been discussing Counter Strike Go, it is a First Person Shooter game that I play almost religiously everyday. Its my chill time, yet if you know the game it can be anything but chilled and a rather competitive environment haha! Below is an example of the the original background for main menu artwork.

The process I would go through for doing a complete redesign for this game UX and UI would be as follows

  • Understand the game, functionality and wants of the business
    • This can be done by having meetings with key stakeholders in the business
    • Understanding the game and possibly playing the game in this instance and seeing how different people use the platform
    • Understanding the game functionality is key for providing an amazing experience to users. I often play games and can tell that the UX was not considered carefully.
  • Conducting research to understand what matters to users, this can be done by
    • Conducting user interviews with participants, the research should be done with unskilled, semi skilled and highly skilled users on the platform.
    • I have played games that have an extremely high difficulty at the beginning for new users, this then makes it difficult and often users won’t stick to the game
    • For example I found the learning curve with StarCraft extremely high, even though they have a campaign that allows you to learn the units and mechanisms of the game. It is a really intricate game with lots to learn to be able to be good at it.
    • Card sorting to determine a hierarchy for content display on the interface
    • Creating persona‚Äôs this can be structured and done from the information collected in the user interviews process
    • Identifying the Red Route of the User experiance, in this case the Red route is the user being able to find a game easily and quickly.
    • Create User journeys displaying various paths the user takes to interact on the platform and get what they want out of the platform, this would work around the main red route of the platform.

I will probably work on more UX methods that can be done to ensure this project is successful but those are the basics at the top of my mind. I will be going through each topic in detail in the next few posts, happy researching!

Bye for now

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