Day#104: Understanding the users with a case study; CSGO gaming UX project (part 5)

Day#104: Understanding the users with a case study; CSGO gaming UX project (part 5)

Hiya! I have been working on breaking down a project in a mock case study format, the new UX/UI interface that Counter Strike Go released recently inspired me to do a mock project as if I had been working on the brand. Plus I really enjoy the game and can express my personal experiences with the previous UX/UI interface as well. At this point I am on User interviews, I really enjoy this part of the research process because you get to really reach into a users mind and experience the product from their perspective.

See below for the types of questions to be asked

  • Consider doing a card sorting activity, this will help to understand what users group in categories
    • For example currently the game has a  “watch” category and then you can choose to watch previous games that you have played in, or watch pro games. You can also watch someones game on your friends list. Understanding what is the best way to format these various functions would help with creating the layout of the game
  • Understand what the goals of the business are, are they trying to obtain new users or work on the existing user experience. Are they focusing on all users in general or specific personas and trying to improve the experience of specific groups of players


  • For new users that have not experienced the platform
    • Card sorting will work better since they have not built habits of the category structure
    • Doing user testing with the user experience to identify if it is easy for users to navigate on the platform


  • For  beginner to intermediate users
    • The above actions for new users can also be carried out for the beginner category because dependent on the skill level and the amount of time played in the game they may not have developed patterns on the category structure as yet
    • Establishing what this group of users struggled with when first using the platform is crucial, here the learning curve can be assessed


Detailed questions

  • What is your exact rank
  • Which type of game do you play the most, deathmatch, casual, competitive
  • What are your thoughts on the map structure
  • Which guns do you tend to use on a regular basis
  • Do you notice you have patterns in your game play
  • Any frustrations on the interface
  • Can you explain the game to me as if I have never played the game
  • What is the easiest thing about the game
  • What is the most difficult thing to master with the game
  • How much time do you spend playing the game weekly


These questions will help understand what users are going through when they first start playing the game, thanks for stopping by and see ya soon, happy researching!

Bye for now!

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