Day#108: The user journey; CSGO gaming UX project (part 9)

Day#108: The user journey; CSGO gaming UX project (part 9)

Hi! And welcome back to the series of posts on my project on the CSGO redesign UX process. I have really enjoyed the project so far, I got to chat about UX and CSGO my two favorite things! I would say the user journey can be divided in different categories to represent what each user would do in their user journey see a brief explanation of a scenario below

Scenario 1

  • User logs onto CSGO
  • Looks at friends list to see if any close friends are online to game with
  • User then messages friends that are online asking if they would like to have a game when they are complete
  • User plays subsidiary casual game waiting for friend A to become available, since friend A is in a competitive game that is almost finished
  • Upon Friend A completing their game, Friend A will send User a request to join their lobby to search for a game together
  • User accepts request, and gets a message from Friend B that he wants to also join them for a competitive game
  • User chats to friend in the lobby on the chat function about inviting his lower rank friend to the lobby, then invites friend B to the lobby as well
  • Friend A selects the game criteria, since he has created the lobby in the first place
  • At this point Friend B requests the more rare maps be taken off because he is not familiar with the calls on those maps
  • Once Friend A has made the changes, and they search for a while there is eventually a game ready, the lobby has a countdown timer that is shown to all lobby members for a certain period of time
  • All members must click accept for the game to proceed
  • Their is a “warm up period” before the game starts
  • You then have the weapon menu where the user and the rest of the players can buy guns during the course of the game
  • Users then during the game interact with the gun menu as well as the leaderboard, the leaderboard is where you see who is “top Fragging” during the game, this basically means the person with the most kills in each team.


As you can see the process is very detailed, and a lot of sections will overlap over one another in the user journey. For example the user will always have the gun menu in whichever type of game they go into on the Counter Strike platform. The leaderboard is also present in every user journey once they enter into a game. However if a user chooses to que for a game on their own they won’t make use of the lobby functionality or the invite friend to lobby and chat functions. Until next time, happy researching


Bye for now

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