Day#109: New CSGO review (part 10)

Day#109: New CSGO review (part 10)

Hi everyone so this is the final post in the series on the CSGO platform, in today’s post I will be touching on my review of the new User experience and user interface. Firstly the interface is way better than the original, Valve changed so many things, but I will try to explain as clearly as possible the bigger changes that occured.

  • General interface change for main game menu, lobby etc
  • The user journey has changed in relation to placement of content however the various paths still seem very similar if not exactly the same as the previous game layout
  • Sounds in the game have changed from selecting guns, also the sound for people on friends list inviting you to a lobby. The game has also changed the script for T sided characters 
  • The visuals that seemed to have changed the most
    • Map icons of colours have a shiny surface to make the dot for each player’s colour appear more 3 dimensional, however this makes the colour more difficult to identify being that it is really small on the map at the top of the users screen.
    • Leader board has changed with the way to differentiate between players, I actually feel it’s more difficult now to tell each player apart in terms of colour. The leader board has a stroke in the specific colour that the player is assigned for that game however the stroke is very thin and it makes it difficult to read. This stroke surrounds the players profile picture where as before the game had a small triangle with the players in game colour on their profile picture
    • The friend invite for a game looks way better now with a clear call to action. There was a period straight after the new interface where a friend invited another player to a game  they would see X has invited you but no click through button taking you to the actual lobby. This was frustrating and I wonder if it was a mistake after the roll out or if it was actually a mistake in the roll out somehow, either way it has been rectified now
    • Since we read left to right following western reading patterns, I don’t particularly like the new friends list being on the far right, it feels as if the information on the more dominant left side is less important than being able to see the friends list. I have been using the new interface for about two weeks now I think and I have not once clicked on more than the play button on the top right hand side. I think using real estate to best of the ability and making it as easy as possible for users to interact with the content they want most is key for a platform like this. Maybe they will change it in the future, time will tell


From looking at some of the answers I found from asking valuable questions, as well as reviewing online data provided on the game through forums and social media it seems as if cheating is common and everyone feels as if the company that the game belongs to is not doing enough to punish the cheaters in question. Overwatch which is a peer monitor system for players to spot other cheaters is also flawed. You can’t view “griefing” in the form of abusive text chats, as well being able to tell the act of cheating in general can sometimes not be that clear if the player knows how to hide it well. The other thing that was changed was the character chat communication which had a very strong relation to Islam. The terrorist characters were also programmed to say “allahu akbar which roughly translates to God is great. I have noticed they have removed this from the games interface, it is crazy that with all popular culture and society being so politically correct that a game would have that in the script till 2018.

I have really enjoyed going through the CSGO platform and the game changes on the blog, and using a few common processes for breaking down the various tasks that a Uxer would be met with on a project like this. Looking forward to doing more of these types of posts in the future, it just takes a bit more work on my side to make sure I provide correct and interesting information on this platform, until next time!

Bye for now!

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