Day#114: What is the most interesting project you have worked on, interview question

Day#114: What is the most interesting project you have worked on, interview question

Hi there, I am enjoying doing these short posts where I tackle one interview question per post. To give a bit of insight into my process normally before hand I try come up with every possible question, I then write them down and have a few answers for each question. I can’t seem to find the video by Mel Robbins where she discusses this. Mel Robbins is a speaker that helps you find your inner purposes and helps you introspect on situations that are sometimes difficult. Below is some advise from Mel Robbins on interviewing for a job

However the video that helped me prepare for interviews with lists she talks about how when you are overthinking something make a list of the topic and then categorize the list in urgent and not so urgent. This method really helped in my professional life, however in relation to the interview process I tend to panic and replay interview questions in my ind. Having them written down and having great answers that I can look at makes me feel prepared and confident when I walk into the interview.

In the time coming closer to the interview, I normally narrow down my answers and start mock answering the questions in a role play fashion whilst I am running errands or driving around. As a side note I don’t consider this at all to be falsely portraying myself, obviously people can lie in interviews and rehearse answers that are untrue to how they behave etc, however I look at interviews as a way to depict my professional self, if I don’t fit the role then I always see it as a win win. Which is difficult when you don’t get the job you really liked but often the company has a lot of insight into the role, maybe you don’t match up in skill or tenacity or something else that is needed for a successful candidate. I often practice my responses because in the interview I tend to get nervous and say the first thing that comes to my mind, which can sometimes be detrimental but more often than not it’s just not necessary. You often only get an hour or so for an interview and you want to make the best possible impression instead of digressing on a topic because you are nervous.

In relation to the question of what is the most interesting project you have worked on, I can without a doubt say this blog. When I first started I thought it would be a nice way to portray my thinking on a vast amount of UX related concepts however it has been such a learning experience for me. Where I enjoy researching new content and sharing it on the blog. My goal is to do a post a day for 365 days so only 252 days to go! For everyone else look at projects that you have done before, it can be professionally or in your personal life. Make sure to draw them back to your professional career in some way whether it is a display of core personality traits or a skill set that you want the prospective employer to know about you. Happy researching until next time!

Bye for now!

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