Day# 128: UX survey for a hospital visit, part 3

Day# 128: UX survey for a hospital visit, part 3

Hi there, so if you have not read the past few posts I have been discussing my hospital experience and the survey that the medical aid company sent me after the procedure was complete and I went home. The hospital visit was rather pleasant, I normally have a rather negative experiences of both hospitals and airports because I forever get lost in them. However with this hospital, there was a host at the entrance who directed me each time I was there it was something small in the grand scale of the experience but it really stood out for me because when you have so many things you are stressed about when you have a procedure coming up or check up it is horrible to get lost and possibly miss you appointment all together.


The general survey was easy enough to answer, I think the medical aid company is obviously trying to get as much information on the hospital as possible. I was also surprised about the detail in the questions, I for one don’t like being administered drugs without it being explained to me first, and panicked when I woke up in the middle of the night with a nurse adding something to my drip. I often have bad reactions in general to medication and I think that is probably related to my nervousness around medication however one of the questions in the survey was if the nurses and doctors were describing the procedures and medication in detail. I would say that that was really something that was lacking for me in the hospital where I had to ask for an explanation because often they would ask me if I wanted (enter complicated drug name) at which I had no idea what they were talking about so I would say please explain it to me. This may seem like a over dramatic patient but these are my personal opinions and it was interesting that the survey tackled that topic directly.


I also liked that they asked if I got good care from nurses in general and if I remembered any names I should state them, however everything was honestly a haze of nervousness before the procedure and a drugged up haze after the procedure so I think maybe the question should be when did you deal with that nurse as an open ended question. Lastly at the end which I referred to in the last post where the survey indicates that they want to get a better idea of the patient because often other factors influence the answers in the survey was an unnecessary comment to make in my opinion. You don’t want people wondering if it is their lack of education, or home language that affects their answers. I feel it will belittle peoples comments for the overall survey and leave them thinking that just maybe their answers will be overlooked if they answered any of those questions in a particular category that would define it as a factor that would influence a bad/good comment of their overall experience. Surveys are generally a nice easy way to get valuable data from people, however the way in which they are constructed can really influence the results. I enjoyed going through this survey and perhaps will do a post specifically on surveys in the future,  until next time happy researching!

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