Day# 135: Introducing new ideas and concepts in your current role

Day# 135: Introducing new ideas and concepts in your current role

When you are on a journey, learning new things and practicing them in your free time it becomes difficult for you to not try and include it in your current role. Dependent on the type of role, it may not even be possible. Coming from a design background it was semi possible to integrate some of the content I learned in UX as time progressed, however the way in which you introduce content should be done specifically relating to the organisation and how the culture for change is welcomed. For example I worked at a rather conservative corporate company that had a Mobile App. They really struggled with understanding that the App was not for them to access on look and feel etc, yes as a business we can have functionality goals but even those need to be taken into account with what the users want to experience and do on the App. It seems like an easy enough goal however it was actually never accomplished at the company because they had a very top down management style.


There are a number of reasons for the company to be hesitant about your changes, firstly the company that hired you may not believe you have the skills to be able to give them feedback and advise on certain aspects that do not currently relate to what they hired you for. In smaller companies, this may be easier to get away with, because often at smaller companies you will have a variety of different functions and not specialize as much as you could at a bigger corporation. As I said above it could also just be a company with a top down management style, or even perhaps a company that struggles with changing processes and procedures. If you feel you can bring value to projects that you work on then bring it up with your team and perhaps your team lead, dependent on the relationship you have with them you can either say openly that you are trying to branch out more with your experience in field A, or introduce the idea to them as a helpful measure for the project and see what the team lead suggests. Often if you are in the more junior position, you have to be prepared for your ideas to often be “stolen” however creating a new process or segment of the project will be beneficial for you in more ways than taking the credit. If your manager takes the lead then help them as much as you can introducing methods and ideas and concepts to grow the project,, eventually when you do end up leaving for a job that is more specific to the industry you are trying to get into, they will hopefully give you a good reference with regards to how much you helped on that project.


I think it is easy to become resentful and judgmental with a company that does not seem to want the help you are offering, however it can’t be expected that everyone will be open to change, also remember that some of these processes and methods are systems that have been followed by people performing their jobs for years if not decades and changing that process for them can be a complete mind shift. Lastly I want to mention office and company politics when you come in wanting to change something understand that you will be ruffling feathers and when you bring a change to the table try do it in a way that does not offend the people who created the idea. The goal is to show how you would like to bring the company forward, increase productivity or the over all product perhaps. Even when you decide to chat to your team lead, keep in mind that it may very well be their idea that you are trying to change, anyway happy researching until next time Uxers


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