Day# 136: Asking for help

Day# 136: Asking for help

I recently had the wonderful experience of having a company that I worked for pay for a few short courses, I wanted to bring up the concept of asking for help professionally because we sometimes have many assumptions about companies before even asking them. For starters I have worked at a number of places that would never even thought of doing this. I once even worked for a company that took months to pay for my petrol allowance which was used for company meetings so a study allowance or them paying for any training was completely off the cards. The thing is you shouldn’t expect companies to help with you furthering your studies or experience, yes it would be lovely if every company did but often a lot of companies don’t. As I have mentioned before there are lots of free platforms with short courses, blogs, and Youtube where you can learn a lot on any industry. I think once you feel you have exhausted all the free avenues is when you should start looking at courses. I think the concept of university is daunting in itself and deciding on an industry is so much pressure with platforms like Udemy you can learn about the basic of an industry without investing tons of money and time.


When working for a company and wanting assistance with regards to them financially assisting you etc, I would advise you have some information prepared for the types of questions your manager would ask. For example see some questions below that your manager could ask you in this situation

  • Does the course relate to your current job
  • If the course does not relate to your current job how will it benefit the business
  • What does the course cost
  • How long is the course
  • Will you be taking study leave for examinations etc


In relation to making sure you have all the information you need to have, you should then follow up with the following questions

  • Is there a specific amount of time I would have to work for the company if the company pays for the course
  • If not in time how will it be “written off” so to speak
  • If your boss does not refer to the study leave then perhaps bring it up if you have a course that will require study leave

Companies may be a lot more helpful than you think, and if you prove your worth to the organisation they will probably be able to assist you, there are also certain companies that only give financial assistance with certified tertiary institutions find out about the prerequisites that your company has in place perhaps before bringing it up with your hiring manager. You can ask other employees or H.R, good luck and happy researching until next time!

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