Day# 158: The 6 types of usability testing, part 1

Day# 158: The 6 types of usability testing, part 1

Hi there Uxers! For today and the next few days, I wanted to discuss usability testing in some detail. I have often been hired to run testing on products and determine a variety of things. However on occasion companies will not know at all what type of testing they need and it is the job of the Uxer to define the stages of testing. Even in situations where the company does have an idea of what type of testing they want to do, it is important to still assess and bring up other testing methods that can benefit the project. I have separated the various types of testing that need to occur for a project into separate posts, to include some written content, resources for you to go through as well as a video here and there if I find good enough videos on each section. Firstly though check out this humorous take on the usability testing of fruit


Functionality testing

  • Test links
  • Test email links
  • Links between pages
  • Test for orphan pages
  • Test forms; answers for forms, incorrect answers and actions
  • Test options to create, delete, view or modify forms
  • Test how content is pulled and collected for databases



I have actually run similar tests like these in the past, and sometimes it can be tedious and time consuming but it really has to be done. It is from having a structured list like the above that you will ensure every part of the project is tested and tested correctly. Having links that do not go anywhere or to the wrong location, or pages that are not linked to the main navigation in any way can lead to real issues for the platform. Ensuring all these issues are tested before will prevent the user from having a bad experience when the site/App etc goes live. Testing forms is also important, I actually recently had a situation where an email address was required but it said username, I have had this gripe before with other sites and made sure that the App I was working on would not have the same flaws. Nothing worse than being confused about the forms process, and having to go back and fill in the entire form all over again. Happy researching and try include these steps in your next UX testing process

Bye for now!

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