Day# 159: The 6 types of usability testing, part 2

Day# 159: The 6 types of usability testing, part 2

In the previous post I went through methods for testing the functionality of a site or App, today I wanted to chat about some usability testing platforms that can be used for potential users as well as internal testers alike. Since I love learning and watching videos I have included a video on each of the ideas/platforms below


    • Usability testing
      • Surveymonkey
      • Videotaped and moderated user sessions
      • Usertesting
      • Optimizely
      • Loop11
      • Do UI elements help them navigate


Survey Monkey








There are lots more platforms to learn from, however from the ones I have included above the ones that stand out for me are Optimizely and Loop11, I like the fact that the A/B testing does not require as much dev time as creating two completely different options on the application would, as well as Loop11 seems like it provides controlled user testing for wire-frames, prototypes and actual existing platforms. I have not used any of these but will be seeing if I can sign up for a free trial and test them out soon.Happy researching until next time Uxers


Bye for now

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