Day# 161: The 6 types of usability testing, part 4

Day# 161: The 6 types of usability testing, part 4

Hi Uxers, for today will be the fourth part post in the usability testing segment of the series 6 types of usability testing. I have actually grouped together the below 3 categories because they were shorter. When testing for usability I think all the topics I have mentioned in this series are crucial and need to be considered. Something to keep in mind is not all these steps can be implemented by UX alone, and it means working with other teams within the company and communicating to ensure the final product has been tested with all the testing facets in mind. See below for the next three categories of testing


    • Compatibility testing
      • Does it display consistently in different browsers
      • Does it display the same in same browser across different operating systems
    • Performance testing
      • High volume users accessing the page
      • How does the site recover from crashes
    • Security testing
      • Try wrong passwords etc
      • Should not be seeing security related content
      • Error messages and breach attempts


Happy researching until next time Uxers!


Bye for now

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